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    Reliable Energy Ing. Ltda. began to market Mors Smitt auxiliary relays, elements specially designed for utility companies, with special characteristics for Arcing and to reduce contact dirt during relay operations.


Solution for grid, the electricity issue is our strength, consider us your partner, we'll take care of advise to define the solution that best meets your needs based on technical, economic and regulatory criteria.


  • Advantages and characteristics of types of electrical networks topologies .
  • Technological solutions available.
  • Electrical protection requirements .
  • Requirements of electrical studies .
  • Recommendation of equipment according to the needs .
  • Environmental , geographic and seismic considerations .
  • Features and benefits of future operating power project .
  • Compliance with national and international standards .

Assessment of costs, to conceive a project more than one alternative or variations , our approach is to analyze the possible solutions , and , with a relative error and informed associated with the stage of the project , we will provide the evaluation of costs with their cups of return which you may have as decision tools .

Recommendation and purchasing management of equipment and materials , we can advise on the recommendation to purchase equipment and materials for electrical power system and auxiliary services. We know the characteristics , application and availability of power equipment used . The comparative advantages among providers, handle concepts of operation , maintenance requirements , complexity of design, etc. .

Development of technical basis , allowing you to execute bidding process for the award of the project works and supply equipment and systems. These techniques are based on freely compliance requirements thrown by the project solution .

Support in the definition stage of the project, during development or when it is in operation , we can give technical support through development studies , failure analysis , technical advice to field technical staff , etc. .

Training, control and electrical protection in topical application , criteria settings , configuration, testing , commissioning , maintenance, retrofit projects , etc.

Reliable Energy Engineering Limited, RELE, is a Chilean company asociated to the electrical area, our main business focus is to provide specialized services for control, automation and electrical protection of power systems up to 500 kilo-volts.

Our clients, who trust in us, are directly or indirectly the most important  electrical companies of Generation, Transmission and Electrical Distribution of the country.
Technical capabilities of our leading engineers enable us to deliver services with reliability, security and experience.

Sincerely, Roberto Suarez

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    José Miguel Carrera 121, SANTIAGO


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