RELAY - Reliable Energy Ltda., will provide optimal and intelligent to make your company more competitive and gain value through the creation and implementation of works of electrical engineering solutions. We can guide you and support you to achieve the best technical solutions in their projects of technological, economic, operational, maintenance, environmental vision and force compliance 

Our experience in the business in the energy sector, allows us to provide professional services in various areas of expertise to be our focus, the control systems and protections.


Solution for grid, the electricity issue is our strength, consider us your partner, we'll take care of advise to define the solution that best meets your needs based on technical, economic and regulatory criteria.


Electrical systemic studies that allow plan, design and operate electrical systems using mathematical software and resources to ensure uninterrupted supply, quality, optimal and with minimal losses.


Our experience in power installations allows us to perform high standard and define solutions according to budgets, technical requirements and individual cases brought the Technical Standard for Quality and Supply.


We have experience in the assembly and integration of control equipment, electrical protection, indication meters and energy, Remote Terminal Units URT.

Acceptance tests

To ensure proper functionality and operation of all units of the power project, to be developed a series of electrical tests on site, this relied on an extensive knowledge of technical, regulatory and safety aspects.

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