Acceptance tests

To ensure proper functionality and operation of all units of the power project, to be developed a series of electrical tests on site, this relied on an extensive knowledge of technical, regulatory and safety aspects.

Planning, coordination and execution of functional tests to individual clubs and integrated in their environment based on projected in engineering.

Functional testing of electrical protection , for which we know the full range of protection relays and control systems marketed the largest suppliers in the Chilean market , such as MICOM , MIDOS SERIES K ( ALSTOM / SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC) , SIPROTEC ( SIEMENS) , Universal Relay, UR ( GE) , RELION (ABB ) , SCHWEITZER ENGINEERING LABORATORIES SEL , etc .

Technical Inspection , which is basically comprised of experienced technical staff , who shall on behalf of the client by the strict compliance with the implementation and testing facilities based on engineering designs , customer requirements, considerations of aesthetics , compliance and standards.

Commissioning, which corresponds to the final stage when the new facilities are fully tested and approved will allow the energization and load testing service to be delivered for use by the customer .

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